Attend Laurie Watson’s Sexual Communication Weekend
at The Essex Resort and Spa

Columbus Day Weekend: October 11-14, 2013


 Sex Therapist Laurie Watson offers a long weekend for couples designed to deepen their sexual communication and erotic experience with each other. Three full days to finally talk about and enrich your most intimate physical expression of love for each other in a safely guided format.

Click here for more information, including the weekend’s schedule and more about The Essex Resort and Spa just outside of Burlington, Vermont.

Schedule a regular appointment

Please visit our clinical site at for information about sex therapy and couples therapy. You may schedule an appointment by email at [email protected] or by phone at 919-845-5400. Please include “therapy request” in your subject line. We are not on any insurance network but as a courtesy to you, we may be able to file your insurance paperwork. Any reimbursement after your deductible would come directly to you. Most insurances cover a portion of our fees as “out-of-network, mental health providers.” Usually a diagnosis is required and sometimes prior authorization as well. We do offer consulting for out-of-state people by Skype but because we are licensed only in North Carolina we cannot file your insurance. Sex therapy is all talk therapy and there are no exams, no nudity and no sexual touching between therapist and client.

To schedule an appointment:
919-854-5400 or [email protected],
Include “therapy request” in subject line


Schedule an Intensive (block therapy),

For couples from out of town wishing to see Laurie Watson as a therapist, she offers block therapy called intensives conveniently on the weekend. For several hours on each day, we will do couple’s therapy and /or sex therapy around the areas of conflict that you help define in an initial screening telephone conversation. Not every problem or situation is amenable to intensive therapy and Laurie will help guide you to another resource in your area if her experience indicates a better direction. Often the hours are blocked from 4-8 on Friday night, 9-1 on Saturday and 9-1 on Sunday. Homework assignments will be completed during the hours after therapy. During these 12 hours, therapeutic progress if often accelerated. IF you are in regular therapy with another therapist in your hometown, you must have agreement with your therapist. Laurie will be happy to have a short conversation with him/her regarding the process with your written consent. Fees are discussed by phone and must be booked ahead by using a credit card. Paperwork must also be completed before the beginning session. Recommendations for accommodations will be given. Flights, meals, and hotels are the client’s sole responsibility and expense.

To schedule an intensive
919-854-5400 or [email protected]
include “Intensive” in subject line

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Saturday, February 23, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Raleigh, “Connecting to our primitive needs, our romantic partners, our transcendent spirits through sex.”

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