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Laurie Watson, LMFT, LPC, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, is the author of Wanting Sex Again – How to Rediscover Your Desire and Heal a Sexless Marriage. She blogs for Psychology Today Online in Married and Still Doing It. A warm and witty media favorite, she is frequently sought after for television and radio interviews about a variety of sexual topics. Laurie guest lectures at the medical schools for Duke and UNC Chapel Hill on sexual function/dysfunction. Director of Awakenings – Center for Intimacy and Sexuality in Raleigh, she maintains a full-time clinical practice.


Wanting Sex Again, On Sale December 4

Laurie’s book illustrates the challenges of the sexual relationship in long term committed relationship starting with the honeymoon through the child-rearing years and later life. Both practical and psychological solutions tackle tough sexual problems: lack of orgasm, frequency discrepancies, difficulties with enjoying oral sex, power struggles, stresses of child-rearing on the bedroom, the madonna-whore split, depression, family of origin problems and losses, poor seduction, communication, molestation in childhood, sexual pain problem (vaginismus and vestibulitis), menopause, and weight and body image. Questions throughout the book guide the reader to examine their own sexual relationship. Read Wanting Sex Again to build an erotic core that is resilient to the media’s pressure, aging and even life’s ordinary stressors so that sex continues to renew and sustain you and your relationship.

Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: December 4 2012 by Berkeley Trade
ISBN 0425257142 (ISBN13: 9780425257142)
Available on Amazon at Wanting Sex Now!

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“For married couples facing dilemmas of desire, Laurie Watson offers a blueprint for growing more personally conscious, trusting each other more, and reconnecting with the realm of sensual and sexual pleasure.” — Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, author of The Return of Desire: Rediscovering Your Sexual Passion

“Low libido is a difficult, bedeviling problem for many women and couples. Laurie Watson has helped many women recover lost libido, and her book will help many more. Two Thumbs up!” — Michael Castleman, author of Great Sex

“I have read many books on this common problem. rarely does one come along that;s as good as Wanting Sex Again. This book is beyond helpful. It works on so many different levels that I would recommend it for anyone in a long term relationship whether they are having desire problems or not. I can,t recommend it highly enough.” — Paul Joannides, PsyD, author of Guide to Getting It On

“This book challenges women to not passively accept low desire but rather to identify possible barriers preventing them from experiencing their innate femininity with all its mysterious pleasure.” — Deborah C. Neel, PhD, Licensed Psychologist/Certified Sex Therapist

“This insightful book is a compass that guides women back to their lost libido. Laurie’s message, rich in experience, inspires us to reconnect with out partners and ourselves.” — Polly Watson, MD, FACOG, NCMP, Boylan Healthcare, Raleigh

“For someone who pegs wedding cake as a kind of anti-aphrodisiac, sex therapist and Psychology Today blogger Watson is surprisingly optimistic—most sexless marriages, she asserts, “can be saved.” Always frank, Watson begins by debunking the common fear that one’s sex life is unusual, or that a marriage’s problems are unique; the loss of libido after “I do” is not an unusual problem, she argues, but in order to address it, both partners will need to put in a lot of effort, time, and honest communication. In broad strokes, Watson discusses individual and marital circumstances that can affect one’s sex drive—such as hormonal changes and having kids—while offering more detailed advice and practical bedroom tips. She tackles the “[e]lusive” female orgasm, discusses how to negotiate expectations regarding foreplay, and explores how erotica, sex toys, and masturbation can be used to revivify one’s libido and bring a partner back into physical intimacy. She also delves into possible personal hangups, such as childhood misconceptions regarding sex and the difficulty of recovering from an affair. Though aimed at the fairer sex, men and women alike will find plenty of guidance in this compendium of expert advice and case studies. Agent: Stephany Evans, FinePrint Literary Management. (Dec.)” — Publisher’s Weekly

Media Appearances

To book Laurie for media interview, email [email protected].

Laurie is a warm, professional, and expert media guest. Male and female audience members resonate with her enthusiastic support for healthy, exciting, intimate sex and her deep understanding of the issues that both genders face. Spontaneous Q&A is Laurie’s specialty. Media hosts remark on her natural ability to set people at ease when talking about sex.

Suggested Topics:

Silent Night – the Sexless Marriage
Gender Gap and Sexual Desire
The Power Struggle and Sex
Arousal Differences for Men and Women
Sexual Recovery for Breast Cancer Survivors
Finding Time as a Couple
Post-partum Intimacy
Dating Again after Divorce
What is Sex Therapy?
Sex After Infidelity
Heat up Your Summer
Weight, Sex, and Bikini Season
Star Spangled Sex!
Sex – the Ordinary Holiday
Sex at the In-Laws
Tinsel, Wrapping, and Sex Traps
Low Libido (Men and Women)
Erectile Dysfunction and Couple Dysjunction
When She Can’t Come
The Inevitable M – Menopause
Effects of Child Molestation on Sex
Overcoming the “ick” Factor (OCD and Sex)
6 Erotic Tasks of New Marriage
Best Honeymoon Advice for Hot Sex
Starting Sex our Right in a New Marriage – Erotic Tasks
How to be Parents and Lovers
5 Tips to Resolve the Frequency Argument
Healthy Sex Messages to Our Kids
Talking to College Kids about “Hooking Up”
Marriage and Sex – Oxymorons?

Speaking Engagements

Please email Laurie to discuss dates and fee for speaking/conferences, [email protected]

“Laurie Watson has a gift for relating to women.”
– Julie R. McQueen, CHES, Oncology Patient Navigator, Duke Cancer Center, Raleigh
“A valuable therapeutic resources…” – Carol Casper Figuers, PT, EdD, Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
“Laurie Watson has a wonderful method…Her warmth, caring and passion for what she does really shines through.” -Ingrid Harm-Ernandes PT, WCS, BCIS-PMDB, Orthopedic/Women’s Health Specialties, Duke Hospital

Keynotes, Breakouts Workshops

Laurie connects with her warm expertise to academic and popular audiences on a wide variety of sexual topics:


The Erotic Woman
Healing the Sexless Marriage
Erotic Communication for Couples
Talk to Me and I’ll Give You Sex; Give Me Sex and I’ll Talk to You
Three Stages of Every Healthy Marriage: Fall In, Fall Out, Fall Back in Love
Pursuers and Distancers in a Power Struggle over Sex
The Family’s Legacy on Intimacy and Sexuality
Teaching Our Girls About Sex, their Bodies, their Power, their Protective Barriers
Married and Still Doing It
The Whore, the Madonna, Jesus and Sex
Sex and the Soul of a Woman


Low Libido in Women
Mastering the Sexual Intake for Couples
Integrating Family Therapy and Sex Therapy
Sexual Function and Dysfunction for Doctors, Physical Therapists, Physician Assistants
How to Analyze Low Desire in 6 Minutes
Sexual Recovery after Breast Cancer
Get Comfortable Talking Sex with Your Patients
Educate Your Prostate Cancer Survivor Patient on Sexual Possibilities
Sexual Function and Dysfunction
Intake for Sexuality and Chronic Sexual Pain
Sexual Psychotherapy
Diabetes and Libido
Vulvadynia, Vestibulities, Vaginismus

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